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The Mayor of Sudbury


Mayor of Sudbury
Councillor Jan Osborne


Deputy Mayor of Sudbury

Councillor Alison Owen

The Position of Mayor

The position of Mayor is one of the most ancient offices in British history, but has truly changed its role, importance and public perception throughout the centuries. However, as the list of Mayors often displayed in town halls the office of Mayor today connects the present day council to its medievel or earlier predecessors. The first English Mayor was the Mayor of London, appointed in 1189 by Richard 1. 

The words "Mayor" and "Major" derive from the Latin word "Magnus", meaning great. The office of Mayor, together with the Doomsday Book and the feudal system, were brought to this country by the Normans, as such an office had existed on the continent at least since the fifth century.

Mayors of Sudbury: A History

To view a list of Borough Mayors from 1331 - 1973 click here

To view a list of Town Mayors from 1974 - current click here

  • The first Mayor of Sudbury was recorded as Robert Darry in 1331

  • In 1515 the government of the town was vested in the Mayor, five ex-mayors and 24 burgesses

  • During the second world war (1939-1945) the position of Mayor was held continuously by Sydney G. Wheeler

  • The first lady Mayor was Mrs KM Hitchcock appointed in 1963

  • Sudbury was originally a borough council, but in 1974 after local government re-organisation it was given parish (town) status.

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