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committee meetings 2022

Where possible within current COVID-19 guidelines, committee meetings have now resumed at The Town Hall. Members of the public are invited to attend all Council meetings either in person or online, to watch a meeting online click the video icon for the live Teams link. Members of the public are invited to join a public forum / Q&A  at Full Council Meetings to ask questions relating the meeting Agenda.

With the exception of Planning & Development, there are usually no Committee meetings in August and December.


Finance: First Tuesday of the month 6.30pm

Full Council: Second Tuesday at 7.00pm

Policy & Resources: Third Tuesday at 6.30pm

Leisure & Environment : Last Tuesday at 6.30pm

Planning, Development & Highways: Fortnightly on Mondays at 6.30pm


At every full council meeting members of the public are invited to ask Councillors questions relating to the Agenda for that meeting. Agendas can be downloaded below and please refer to the guide on how to comment online during Full Council meetings.



To find and comment on planning applications in Sudbury please visit Babergh District Council's webpage here.

Under normal circumstances there are no meetings in August and December with the exception of the Planning & Development Committee where necessary.

Committee meetings_photo by Chad Brown
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