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Sudbury Cemetery

Newton Rd, Sudbury CO10 2RN

The Town Council's cemetery dates back to 1859 and has some fine Victorian memorials as well as a beautiful flint chapel which can be used for services. 


There is very limited space remaining for new graves and these are now only allocated for use as they are required.

Information on burials, memorials and other services can be obtained from Sudbury Town Council on 01787 372331 or by emailing:

Our staff at the Town Hall may be able to assist with family history research of those interred in the cemetery.

Located in close proximity to the town centre, Sudbury Cemetery is an oasis of tranquillity and a haven for wildlife. Please be respectful of your surroundings while visiting the cemetery and keep dogs on a lead at all times.

Click the button below for a full list of cemetery charges which are revised each April.

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The Green Burial site

Sudbury Town Council's Green burial site provides the community with the choice of environmentally friendly burials in a natural setting.

Green burial is designed to sensitively lay someone to rest in an ecologically friendly way. This is carried out with the least detrimental effect on the environment as possible. The burial is performed using only biodegradable materials. The grave's surface will provide a habitat for flora, fauna, insects and mammals.

The graves are not marked but are recorded on a plan. Tree and seat dedication schemes are available. Trees and shrubs planted periodically on the site are allowed to mature thus attracting wildlife and assisting the self-seeding of flowers. This process commemorates those laid to rest in a unique way in their wish to 'return to nature'.

Please get in touch via the details above to discuss this option.

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Eco-friendly  maintenance 

Sudbury Cemetery is maintened in house by our dedicated team of Community Wardens.

In 2023 we began implementing a number of measures to encourage biodiversity, reduce and reuse waste and improve the overall environment at Sudbury Cemetery.

Measures include:

  • The introduction of 1000L IBC tanks to harvest rainwater for general use.

  • Installation of Aerobin hot composters for green waste - compost is used in town floral displays.

  • Leaves are mulched down and re-employed on town floral displays.

  • Felled branches are chipped and used across our town centre floral beds, donated to local school and community gardens and made available to our allotment holders.

  • Creation of undisturbed biodiversity areas in parts of the cemetery.

  • Installation of new bins made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Replanting of native hedgerows.

Look out for a wide variety of bird and wildlife that have made Sudbury Cemetery their home.

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Local Funeral Services

Image courtesy J Edwards Independent Funeral Services, Sudbury.

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