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Land Assets

The Croft

The Croft is a large, triangular green sloping down to the mill cut. It's a great place to feed the ducks, take a scroll and admire the water meadows and varied wildlife that lives here.


The Croft has been an accessible open space for centuries for all to enjoy.  The fine oak trees may look ancient but were actually planted in 1902 to commemorate the Coronation of King Edward VII. Over the footbridge is Mill Acre, where there is a boating pond, picnic place and, beyond, the wide expanse of Great Fullingpit Meadow beckoning the walker. The easy going Gainsborough Trail: Meadow Walk can be easily accessed from this point.


Millacre is a small park and open space across the River Stour from The Croft. Also home to Sudbury's boating pond, built in 1971 in memory of a local family who tragically perished in a plane accident. Unfortunately the Boating Pond is now in a state of disrepair. The Town Council are currently consulting on the future use of this area.


The park also has picnic benches where you can sit and take in the wide expanse of Great Fullingpit Meadow where (friendly!) cattle freely graze in the summer months.


The site plays hosts to many public events, including the annual 'Wild in The Stour Valley' family fun day in May organised by the Stour Valley Education Network.

the cemetery

A beautiful flint cottage and a historic chapel are the focal points of the town cemetery on Newton Road. The chapel is available for funeral services.  The chapels were built when the Cemetery opened in 1859 and were designed by J.P. Pritchett Jun. 

Information on burials can be obtained from Sudbury Town Council on 01787 372331 or by emailing

The town council's burial register dates back to 1859.  Staff at the town hall are able to assist with family history research of those interred at the cemetery.

the allotments

Sudbury Town Council manage two allotment sites which are rented out to Sudbury residents for an annual fee ranging between £25 - £50 depending on the plot size. 

The larger of the two sites is located just off Newton Road near to Newton Croft and consists of over 40 plots. This site is owned by the Town Council. The smaller site is located in Ballingdon Street, near to the St. Matthews Society building and consists of just 6 plots. The Town Council rent this site from Suffolk County Council.

Facilities are installed on site to allow allotment tenants access to water.​ Visit our allotment page for more information on joining our allotment waiting list.


Woodhall is a plot of land adjacent to the historic Woodhall Moated Site situated just north of Woodhall Business Park. The moat and earthwork (thought to be medieval) from a timber house are still visible.

Proposals from Sudbury Town Councillors have been put forward to create an accessible public woodland and park here, enhancing the area and setting of the ancient adjacent monument.

A medieval barn stood on the moated manorial site at Woodhall until the 1990s when it was tragically lost to arson.

See the listing for Woodhall Moated Site on Historic England's website here. 


Additional sites include:

- Francis Road

- Land to the rear of The Town Hall