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Green Sundays: Celebrating Sustainability in Sudbury

Sundays just got a whole lot greener in Sudbury! The summer season is upon us and Green Sundays eco markets return for 2024, and this year, they're bringing along some fantastic new partnerships.


Partnering up with Sudbury Arts Centre, The Eastern Education Group, and Hedingham & Chambers bus group, Sudbury Town Council is proud to announce the revival of Green Sundays. This eco-market isn't just your typical market; it's a vibrant celebration of sustainability with a crafty twist!


Set to take place on Market Hill and Sudbury Arts Centre on the 19th May, 16th June, 15th September and 20th October from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. Green Sundays is all about highlighting local businesses, charities, and community groups that are supporting sustainability.


Expect a day filled with free creative workshops, insightful talks, and fun crafty up-cycling activities aimed at inspiring and educating everyone on the journey towards sustainable living. Find out more about our Green Sundays here:

Exciting news for the little ones at our Green Sunday market! We have a Fairy Garden stall, a magical spot where children can unleash their creativity. At this stall, kids will get the chance to make their own fairy gardens using upcycled materials.

Here’s how it works: each child starts with a basic box filled with soil. From there, they can add delightful touches like tiny plant pot houses, stick swings, foam toadstools, stick bridges, and other charming items. It’s a wonderful way for kids to get hands-on with nature and create something uniquely their own.

Your little ones will be able to take their enchanting gardens home with them. Join us at the Green Sunday market and let the fairy garden fun begin!


Free talk: The Business Case for Sustainability


11am at Sudbury Arts Centre, CO10 2EA

on Sunday 19 May, Sunday 16 June, Sunday 15 September and Sunday 20 October.

For those eager to explore more into sustainability, don't miss the free talk on "The Business Case for Sustainability," presented by Eastern Education Group in partnership with Sudbury Town Council and Sudbury Arts Centre.


Richard Carter, from Eastern Education Group, explains: "This talk will delve into environmental sustainability, going beyond simple actions like recycling. We'll explore techniques for individuals and businesses to reduce their impact and make a difference."


But that's not all! Green Sundays isn't just about showcasing businesses; it's also about community involvement. Local charitable organisations with an eco-friendly focus will be offered complimentary pitches, fostering a spirit of collaboration and support. Stallholder application form:


One of our partners, Sudbury Arts Centre, is committed to sustainability in its own operations, from using local suppliers to creating wildlife-friendly spaces.


Alli Burke, Operations Manager at Sudbury Arts Centre, comments: "We're excited to partner with Sudbury Town Council and the Eastern Education Partnership on Green Sundays to learn and share sustainability tips within the community. We're even planning a repair cafe, so if you have skills in fixing things or making small clothing repairs, get in touch with us!"


This year's Green Sundays promises an array of stalls catering to all ages and interests. From local honey makers and eco-friendly cleaning products to homemade chutneys and jams, there's something for everyone. Plus, don't miss out on the Sudbury Cycle Club and Hedingham & Chambers bus services!



With the introduction of the new 753 bus service, Hedingham & Chambers will be joining us on the market. They'll be on hand to share all the details about this exciting new service, including route information and timings. Have questions? They've got answers! Feel free to stop by their stall and get all the information you need about the new bus service.


As Sudbury Town Council continues its efforts to promote sustainability, there's no better time to reflect on the economic benefits of supporting local businesses. Shopping on Sudbury's high street means fewer lorry and air miles, less unnecessary packaging, and a stronger sense of community support.


So, join us in celebrating Sudbury's vibrant community, its commitment to sustainability, and the wealth of local talent. Explore the market, meet the makers, and join us in pledging to support Sudbury businesses.


Together, we can make a difference, one Green Sunday at a time.

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